How Does Foundation Title & Trust Provide the Ultimate Closing Experience?

Just a few attributes of our team that sets us apart from the other title agency folks…photo (1)

1. LISTEN…..we are focused intently on not only doing the details of our job but also honing in on what our clients want and need to make their job easier. We are there to provide this at all times. It is what we like to call “Good Ol’ Fashioned Customer Service”, a long lost art of the 1900’s.

2. PREPARE….prelims closely resemble a complete HUD…we add the tax prorations, fee(s) to HOA….our goal is to be as detailed as possible from the beginning to ensure there are no last minute surprises that could shake the deal for our customers.

3. NO …..Not a word is not a word in our vocabulary…if it CAN be done, it will be done

It should be said that we follow true to this without compromise to any laws, rules or ethics!

4. YEARS….of experience in the real estate industry …when everyone else thinks it can’t be done, we find a way to get it done. Utilizing our vast collective experience and our affiliation with the Law Firm of Leighton Hyde has proven to be invaluable when closing difficult deals.

5. We talk to people on the PHONE….we don’t hide behind email. This seems simple but it is one of the most common things we hear from our clients when they first start to do business with us… “Wow, you answered! I can never reach ____ at the other title company”.

6. We are dedicated to the community…… Greater Brandon Chamber of Commerce, Riverview Kiwanis and Faces of Courage are just a short count of the community organizations that one or all of our team members volunteer with and support on a regular basis.

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