Two Step Process for Signing Up For Our FTT Title App

How does a client sign up for the app?

It’s actually an easy 2 step process!

The first thing a client would need to do is go to your landing (login) page. The URL has been sent to you by TitleCapture, so use that and refer your clients to it. Once on the landing page, there are two buttons, one for logging in, and one for signing up.

If the client doesn’t have an account with the app, he/she needs to create one, so he/she needs to click on the button at the bottom that says “Sign up for your free account”

Then, the user is prompted to choose his/her username and password, some personal details and then choose the office and rep that will server him/her.

This is actually important because who he chooses as a rep (and office) influences his/her calculations results (different offices and reps may have different title fee values).

When they complete the form, they need to click on the button and they will receive immediate access to their account (an email is sent with their login details too). All they need to do then is come back to the login page, key in their username and password and click on the “Sign In” button.

How to Download the FTT App and Save to Your Mobile Phone

How to get the app on the mobile

TitleCapture is a web app so it runs in your mobile’s browser

Normally, when you first access the app from Safari (iPhone) or Chrome, Internet Explorer (Android), you have on-screen instructions that you can follow in order to save the app’s icon to your home screen for easy access thereafter. However, if you miss the instructions here’s how you do it:

On an iPhone

Step 1:
You have to tap on the icon with the arrow pointing up.

Step 2:
Once the dialog window pops up, you need to tap on “Save to Home Screen” to add the app as an icon to your phone’s Home Screen.

Step 3:
Give the app a name that will appear under the icon, so that you can easily identify the app. After keying in the name, tap on “Add” to complete this process.

Your app now sits as a nice icon on the Home Screen. Everytime you need to access the app, just tap on the icon and it opens the app up.

On Android devices


Newer Android version may do this in a different manner.

Step 1:
Access the app in your browser (Internet Explorer shown here) and tap to bookmark the login page. You normally have to then tap on a “Add bookmark” link.

Step 2:
Give your bookmark a name that will appear under the icon on your home screen. Then tap on “Save” to save the bookmark.

Step 3:
After saving the bookmark, you need to access the bookmarks menu and find your newly saved bookmark. Tap on it and hold until a menu comes up. From that menu, you need to choose “Add shortcut” to effectively add the icon to your home screen.

Your app now sits as a nice icon on the home screen. Everytime you need to access the app, just tap on the icon and it opens the app up.