Safety Seminar: Important Information to Help Protect You & Your Clients

are you safe

A special thank you to those who attended the Realtor Safety Seminar in October and also the Hillsborough County Property Appraiser for allowing use of their training facility. As promised, we had Brian MacNeal provide his home protection tips and vendor information so you can be sure that you, your family and clients are well-equipped with the best information and products on the market.

The Crime Prevention Task Force also offers FREE residential burglary surveys as part of our program. Either performed by Brian MacNeal or local law enforcement agencies to help prevent home burglary. Please call the CPTF with any questions or to schedule a burglary survey at 352-777-2162 or Brian MacNeal directly at 813-531-0000.
Crime Prevention Task Force has provided the following steps for preparing your house: 

  • Dead bolts on all entry doors -Including entry door coming in thru garage and on that door only a double key double cylinder deadbolt lock.
  • Cut handle off garage door release string
  • Install padlocks on garage door tracks when leaving on vacation.
  • Sliding doors loop locks on sliders or any lock that prevents door from being lifted out of tracks.
  • Secondary window locks on all windows can be purchased at any hardware store for $2.a window.
  • Safety film is best protection for glass in all windows.

Vendor & Equipment Recommendations:

  • CPTF can safety film installed and sealed in retrofitting to upgrade windows to impact window strength and they can get it at 50% discount from 4 qualified manufacturers for those who attended the seminar.
  • Home security system that do all entry points. We recommend Gardsmen home security system. Can get it for $895.00 – IF you attend program. (Regularly $1195.00)
  • We recommend Protech Security and safety equipment incorporated for most of the products and the film.

Protech Safety & Security | 1971 W. Lumsden Rd. Suite 184 Brandon, FL 33511

  • CPTF sells police strength pepper spray for personal self-defense  $15 for Keychain and $25 for belt clip and/or home model.
  • Extraction flashlights thru AAA are $20 if affiliated with the CPTF program
  • CPTF also sells door wedge travel alarms for hotel use or home use are $25.

Please let us know if you or your team would be interested in attending a Safety Seminar. We would be happy to organize another event for the real estate community.

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